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 Annapolis Maryland Hyperbaric Oxygen Spa and IV Lounge

133 Defense Highway Suite 110


Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Event!

Save the date for September 9/18/2023 at 4pm

Location 133 Defense Highway Suite 110, Annapolis, MD

More details to come!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Free consults for the month of July and August! 

Take advantage of BluZone's introductory rates for July and August only!

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IV Lounge Annapolis

IV hydration, nutrition, enzyme and amino acids services provided in a spa setting. Other services include IM Injection nutrients and amino acids. 

Mobile IV Services

BluZone, LLC nurses come to you to provide concierge IV nutrients and hydration. 

Maryland, we come to you! Gyms, Spa's, Hotels... we come to you!

Laboratory Services

We provide laboratory services at our Annapolis Spa, lab studies are for your information and your provider, to help you understand your body on a cellular level.

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